The Three Stages of eCommerce Shipping

The Three Stages of eCommerce Shipping - shipping strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to build a shipping strategy. At Intuitive Shipping Inc., we believe the first step to building a shipping strategy is understanding the tools you need to do the job right.

When Free Shipping Lowers Perceived Value

Free-Shipping-Lowers-Perceived-Value cover imagery of Commerce owner building products

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Free Shipping Lowers Perceived Value it’s important to remember that a large piece of what goes into the shipping price is the size and weight of the item being shipped, along with how

How to go the extra mile; shipping as a strategy

shipping as a strategy to delight customers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shipping as a strategy can yield high results for your business. If business has increased and you’re still not seeing a boost in sales and those who do buy very rarely return. Where is the point of friction?

DIY Shipping & Free Local Delivery

price your shipping for quick delivery

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many businesses are moving online to enable sales. Another trend is the move towards DIY shipping by offering free local delivery. In theory, this is a positive and customer-centric approach.