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The global Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented obstacle for businesses with a shift to many moving online to enable sales. Another trend is the move towards DIY shipping by offering free local delivery. In theory, this is a positive and customer-centric approach. In practice, it might not be as economical when we factor in all the costs. We understand that some businesses may feel that it is their only option to reach their customers but when we crunch the numbers, the cost of that delivery for your business is far from free. The cost of gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and most importantly, the opportunity cost of your time spent delivering all adds up. Fear not, there are ways to offer local delivery incentives without eating into your margins.

  • Establish a minimum order amount before local delivery is offered for free

  • Free isn’t always the answer. We recommend a free charge within a specified postal code zone and a per kilometre charge thereafter.

  • Track your kilometres. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will check your trip notes if you are audited. 

  • Offer contactless curbside store pickup! With some planning, you can offer streamlined contactless pickup in less than a week. Shopify has a number of apps that can help with appointment times to ensure an orderly execution of the pickups. 

There’s no doubt that the impact of the pandemic will last longer than the virus itself and many have labelled the current way of doing business as ‘the new normal’. If this is the case, businesses will need to be ready to deploy online selling solutions and delivery options as it will become an expectation for consumers. It’s a daunting thought for those new to the world of e-commerce but over the years, ecommerce platforms have become much more user friendly, and people like us have been working to simplify things even more.  

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