We specialize in building powerful tools that allow merchants to execute a strategic approach to shipping, and ultimately, stop losing money on shipping. Since 2011, we have helped thousands of merchants around the world control their shipping costs at checkout. Our apps are inspired by the entrepreneurs we build them for. Shipping is a key pillar of e-commerce, charging the right price is vital for the health of your business. Shipping is complicated but it doesn’t have to be with Intuitive Shipping.

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Intuitive Shipping

Take full control of how your shipping rates are calculated and displayed at checkout.

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Smart Boxing

Equip your store with dimensional shipping.

automate shipping profiles

Automate Shipping Profiles

Save time and let our automation engine assign new and updated products to the proper Shopify Shipping profile.

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What our users have to say

The Support is Fantastic

"This app solved our problems of wanting to offer completely different shipping options to our direct sales and wholesale customers."

Best in The App Store!

"You can literally do just about ANYTHING when it comes to possible shipping scenarios."


"They are very helpful and have helped me set up every scenario that we've needed so far in just a few minutes."

The Crown Jewel

"Any question I have, they answer at least within 24 hours or sooner and they offer phone 1:1 support whenever you need it. Best shipping app on the market!"

This is The App to Get

"Quick to answer my questions and quick to help with any issues. For all your shipping variation needs!"

A Serious Lifesaver

"Our setup with Intuitive automates way more of our shipping than our previous apps and costs less."

Very Comprehensive

"Since shipping, especially for overseas stores, is not straightforward the flexibility this App offers is excellent."

I Recommend it for Every Business

"The support was incredible ....The app support and rules was perfect for the shipping rates!"

Our Flagship App

If you’re looking for an app for your Shopify store that will give you the ability to charge your customers the right price for shipping, you’ve found it. The Intuitive Shipping App lets you control how shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout, protecting your margins, and increasing conversions. When customers know they aren’t overpaying for shipping, they can buy with a new level of confidence.

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Build Trust, Save Money

Business come in all shapes and sizes. From the weekend warriors to the titans of the industry, Intuitive Shipping is uniquely positioned to help wherever you fall in that spectrum. Using Intuitive Shipping Inc. and its family of ecommerce apps, you can stop losing money on shipping and start using shipping as a strategic tool to grow your business.

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Very Enterprising

We understand that big business sometimes takes that extra Herculean effort. Our Enterprise services include app configuration, priority support, and flash sale support. We are here for you. Find out more today.

Go Big

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Sharon is a shipping rockstar with attitude. I would trust her with my life and my business.

~ Benjamin Franklin
Sharon Reeds Co-Founder / CEO

Sharon is passionate about educating Shopify Merchants on the impact that a well thought out shipping strategy can have on their success in the eCommerce space. She hopes to change the way Shopify Merchants view shipping; shifting from a passive approach to a strategic one that optimizes every opportunity to convert shoppers into buyers. A regular in the Shopify Forums and the Shopify Entrepreneurs group, it’s Sharon’s mission to redefine shipping for both merchants and consumers. Be sure to say hello if you spot her in the community!

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