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What is Intuitive Shipping?

Shipping is a reality in your Shopify store, but it should never be a gamble. Intuitive Shipping gives you full control over how your shipping rates are calculated at checkout. The Result? Predictable profits on every transaction. From Shopify Basic to Plus, we help you grow local to global.

Fully Tailored Shipping.

Smart Boxing

Automatically calculate the appropriate size, weight, and number of boxes for each order, ensuring accurate live rates at checkout.

True Wholesale Shipping

Streamline your wholesale process and exclude wholesale customers from shipping promos, increasing profit margins for high-volume orders.

Vendor Rules

Create a unique shipping set up for each of your vendors, and choose how these rates are combined and displayed at checkout.

Create Any Shipping Scenario.

  • The Smart Boxing algorithm calculates the most efficient boxing for any order

  • Assign conditions for one, some, or all of your customer groups, controlling what shipping rates will be available at checkout

  • Create granular control by generating subzones based on postal/ZIP codes or by City.

  • Assembly required? Set multiple dimensions/weight of packaging for a product

  • Assign unlimited origin addresses for your warehouses and vendors

  • Ensure that only customers from authorized zones can complete checkout with special or restricted items

  • Assign custom pricing based on product quantity, weight, distance and more

  • Start using shipping as a marketing tool; Offer customer groups special shipping rates or discounts

What Real Users Have to Say.

Intuitive Shipping is a great shipping app that enhances the capabilities of your Shopify store. It allows you to get as creative as you would like to provide tons of different shipping methods to your customers and presents the shipping methods based on rules met by the customer.

They also have very dedicated customer service who have been very helpful in setting up our shipping program.

I highly recommend this app.

James P. – Active Ride Shop

Intuitive Shipping is by far the most well designed and versatile app for customizing shipping options. User friendly yet powerful, this app has saved us countless hours and has provided multiple options not available on other similar apps we’ve tried. In addition, the support staff is responsive and eager to help.

Tyler W. – Amkha Seed

This is the PERFECT APP for all your shipping/delivery needs. It saved me countless hours and money. It doesn’t seem to have any limits, unlike some much more expensive solutions out there. Customer support goes above and beyond… Joel seems to always be available, and really knows what he’s doing – even on a Sunday night! If I could give this app 10 stars, I would.

Scott B – Raw Trainer

This app is exactly what I was looking for!…When I got Intuitive Shipping, I was able to add dimensions to each product so that it would choose boxes that were better suited to the product that I was shipping – and charge the customer a reasonable shipping amount. My first sale post-installation/set-up of the app, the difference between my actual shipping price and the rate that the customer was charged was only 2 cents!…I want to thank Joel (one of the co-founders) who spent hours with me helping me to set up my shop and my shipping settings via Skype. In summary, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this app to any Canadian businesses who are looking to improve their shipping rate calculations in their store. Thanks Joel!

Jenn N – Bintik Bintik

There are no shipping apps on Shopify that will allow me to customize individual shipping fees based on the box sizes I am shipping out. In the wine business, we are required to ship wine in special packaging which is costly and we need to be able to charge different fees for each of our box sizes in addition to shipping. All the other apps wanted to charge a fortune to customize this solution (i am talking thousands!!) Same with the Shopify developers, they wanted to charge a fortune! Then I found this app and gave it a try. The customer support is awesome…There is NO OTHER APP LIKE THIS ONE. All the other apps still use a one size fits all approach. Shipping is not one size fits all and neither should your shipping capabilities.

Melissa C – Taylor’s Wine shop

This app does everything I need, and does it very well! I have a store with multiple suppliers and use all of their shipping procedures, which are all different to one another. The ability to segment products from certain suppliers, and then segment further within that makes shipping to multiple postcodes and zones a breeze….The customer support is the best I’ve seen from any Shopify App! Joel is super patient and understand of individual needs and more than happy to help…I can’t be more happy with a shipping app, it’s everything I want, and everything I’ll need for all my future suppliers.

If you need flexible strong customisable shipping scenarios made, this is your app. Don’t mess around stressing for the cheapest, there’s a reason this is a paid app, it works and works well!!

Darren V – Ozzie Trampolines

Intuitive Shipping is a great app! It solved our weight-based shipping “up charge” problem. The support was great and the set up was pretty easy.

Josh A – Dee O Gee

This is the perfect app we’ve been looking for to solve our shipping problems with different dimensional size of packaging boxes. Joel is really helpful that arranges a Skype live support to assist us to setting up everything and making sure our set up is on the right track afterwards. I highly recommend this app.

Tiffiny G – Monocot

Curious if Intuitive Shipping is the right fit for your store?