Choosing a PRICING plan that works for you

Intuitive Shipping pricing plans are based on the number of orders your Shopify store processes each month. It doesn’t matter how many shipping calculations have gone through our system. Only completed orders count towards your monthly plan.

Hold up, though. What exactly is a ‘completed’ order, and why don’t shipping calculations matter?

Orders, Shipping Requests and Shipping calculations

Any order placed through your online store that passes through our system and results in a successful purchase by your customer is considered ‘completed’. That includes any Shopify POS Pro orders that require a shipping rate. Purchases made at your ‘bricks and mortar’ store as well as any Shopify POS orders that don’t require shipping are not counted towards your plan limit. 

Shipping requests or calculations – which are essentially the same thing – are calls from your Shopify checkout page to Intuitive Shipping to calculate and display shipping rates. That can include unanticipated test checkouts and abandoned carts after shipping has been calculated, both of which can fluctuate from month to month.

Predictability and Fairness

At Intuitive Shipping, we believe you shouldn’t be limited by or punished for things that are beyond your control, and we shouldn’t dictate what features you need to make your shipping strategy a successful one.

Shipping is one of the most critical aspects of your business and we want you to have confidence that you’ve got it right. If something isn’t working or a carrier’s service goes down unexpectedly, you may need to reconfigure your shipping settings. If that means you need to run 10, 20 or even 100 test checkouts before you turn on your new shipping rates, that’s okay!

Did you know that unexpected shipping costs are one of the most common reasons people abandon their cart? Online retail giants have conditioned many consumers to expect free or inexpensive shipping all the time. We know that just isn’t feasible in many cases, especially if you’re a small or start-up business. It can be difficult to predict customer behaviour, especially when it comes to their shipping expectations.

If you need to run a bunch of test checkouts to troubleshoot or get your settings just right, or if you have a sudden spike in cart abandonment due to shipping costs, a plan limit based on rate calculations could quickly max out and increase your costs unexpectedly. By offering plans with a threshold based on completed orders, you’re able to make a more informed decision about which Intuitive Shipping billing plan is right for your store based on your monthly order average, which is much more predictable.

And don’t worry! If you have a better-than-expected month once in a while and exceed your plan limit, there is no disruption to your Intuitive Shipping service. Each Intuitive Shipping billing plan includes an additional cost per order that accrues only if you exceed your plan limit. If you get to a point where you’re consistently going over your plan limit by a lot, you can upgrade to a higher-tier plan at any time.

Finally, no one knows your business better than you. It’s not our place to say what features you need to be successful with shipping. Unlike some apps and software services, Intuitive Shipping doesn’t hide ‘premium’ features behind a tiered paywall. All of our features, functionality and support channels are available to you no matter which billing plan you choose.

Intuitive Shipping is free to install. You can use the app in Testing Mode for an unlimited time to make sure we’re a good fit for your store. When you’re ready to go live and start your 14-day Free Trial, select a billing plan based on your monthly order expectations. Learn more about Intuitive Shipping and install us for free here.

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