All Plans; All Features.

All Intuitive Shipping pricing plans come fully loaded with all the features Intuitive Shipping has to offer, which allows you to tailor how your shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout.

Features - Shipping Rate Management

Shipping Rate Management.

Smart Boxing

Wide variety of product sizes? Continually over/undercharging your customers for shipping? No problem! Our proprietary Smart Boxing algorithm calculates the most efficient boxing for an order – no more surprises at the post office.

Ships in Multiple Pieces

Assembly required? Set multiple dimensions/weight of packaging for a product, ensuring customers are paying the right price for shipping on these multi-piece items.

Simple Boxing

Uniform, soft, or oddly shaped products? Simple boxing splits your packages based on cart or product values such as quantity, volume, and weight for predictable rates at checkout.

Product Data CSV

Have a large product mix and want to use our Smart Boxing algorithm? Simply export your products in a CSV file to quickly add dimensions, and spend more time growing your store.

Custom Rates

Keep it simple yet maintain control by assigning custom rates to Collections, Products, Vendors and more. Assign custom pricing based on product quantity, weight, distance and many more.

Rate Combinations

Ensure that your customers are paying the right price for shipping at checkout by blending the shipping rates from multiple vendors or pricing rules.
Features - Granular Control

Granular Control.

Cart Conditions

Some products can’t ship together or require special pricing rules. Use cart conditions to determine what, where, when, and why a shipping rate will be displayed at checkout.

Origin Addresses

Assign as many origin addresses for your warehouses and vendors as you need for shipping accuracy.

Per-Item Exclusions

Some items are cost prohibitive to ship and require their own shipping strategy. For large, heavy, or oddly shaped items that don’t quite fit the rest of your product mix, control shipping right down to the product level to ensure profit on these orders.

Product-specific Rates

Set unique rates for low-cost shipping, high-margin products to increase your average order value.

Customer Conditions

Assign conditions for one, some, or all of your customer groups, controlling what shipping rates will be available at checkout – perfect for retail/wholesale setups and membership incentives.


Create granular control by generating sub-zones based on postal/ZIP codes or by City.

Product Restrictions

Ensure that only customers from authorized zones can complete checkout with special items that are restricted, such as controlled substances, hazmat, or outside of where your vendor will ship.

Date, Time, Day of Week

Time sensitive or perishable goods? Learn how to restrict shipping methods based on products.

Features - Marketing Tool

Use Shipping as a Marketing Tool.

Click & Collect

Incentivize local purchases and drive foot traffic by offering free in-store pickup for your local customers located within your city or postal/ZIP code.

Custom Shipping Method Descriptions

Maintain customer expectations with special instructions such as pickup locations, production times, or a reminder that some items may ship separately – perfect for Dropshipping.

Markdown Rates

Apply manual percentage or dollar-based discounts for shipping promotions.

Custom Shipping Method Titles

Control your customer’s checkout experience and improve fulfillment efficiency by assigning custom shipping method titles.

Rate Overrides

Shipping can be used as an excellent marketing tool to  increase conversions. Use rate overrides to maintain control over free shipping rules, discounted shipping rules, or maximum shipping costs to charge the right price for shipping.

Markup Rates

The markup feature gives you granular percentage or dollar-based control over your shipping costs to account for extra packaging, courier price increases, or other miscellaneous expenses.
Features - Support

The Support You Need.

Email, Chat, and Phone Support

Included in every plan is email, live chat, and phone support so you can have the confidence that your Intuitive Shipping setup will protect your profits at checkout.

Status Page

Stay informed with real-time updates, planned carrier maintenance, mass communications, instructions, and incident reports.
Features - Carrier Integrations

Carrier Integrations.

Shipping Carriers

We are currently integrated with UPS, USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, FedEx LTL, Australia Post, DHL, and DHL eCommerce.

Store Pickup + Delivery

We’ve partnered with Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet so you can finely tune your costs based on delivery date/time.