Control your shipping, Control your success.

Fine-tune every facet of your shipping costs and charge your customers the right price for shipping.

Key Features

With Intuitive Shipping, you can take full control over what shipping costs and options are displayed to your customers at checkout. Intuitive Shipping gives you the flexibility to meet your unique needs without losing money on shipping.

  • Flexible Rules

Ensure profit by using our dynamic Conditions system to determine who, what, where, when, and why a rate will be available at checkout.

  • Ships in Multiple Pieces

Set multiple dimensions/weight of packaging for a product and ensure customers are paying the right price for shipping on all items.

  • Custom Rates

Assign rates based on quantity, weight, total, volume, Postal / ZIP code and distance from fulfillment location.

  • Advanced Rate Blending

Define how shipping rates from multiple vendors, shipping methods and cart rules should be combined at checkout.

  • Simple Boxing

Simple boxing splits your packages based on cart or product values such as quantity, volume, and weight for predictable rates at checkout.

  • Custom Free Shipping

Create cart or customized product-based free shipping thresholds that increase your average order value.

  • Optimized Dimensional Shipping

Automatically calculate the appropriate size, weight, and a number of boxes for each order using our proprietary SmartBoxing™ algorithm, ensuring accurate shipping rates at checkout.

  • Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Assign date, time, and day of week conditions for complete control over how customers qualify and get charged for Same Day and Next Day delivery.

  • Custom Shipping Method Descriptions

Maintain customer expectations with special instructions such as pickup locations, production times, or a reminder that some items may ship separately.

  • Customer Conditions

Assign conditions for one, some, or all of your customer groups, controlling what shipping rates will be available at checkout – perfect for retail/wholesale setups and customer loyalty programs.

  • Per-Item Exclusions

Control shipping costs right down to the product level to ensure profit on orders with large, heavy or oddly shaped items that have different shipping requirements from the rest of your product mix.

  • Zone Restrictions

Ensure that only customers from authorized zones can complete checkout with special items that are restricted, such as controlled substances, hazmat, or outside of where your vendor will ship.

  • Cart Conditions

Some products can’t ship together or require special pricing rules. Use cart conditions to determine what, where, when, and why a shipping rate will be displayed at checkout.

  • Product-Specific Rates

Set unique rates for high-margin products to increase your average order value.

  • Custom Shipping Method Titles

Control your customers’ checkout experience and improve fulfillment efficiency by assigning custom shipping method titles.

  • Rounded Rates

Employ pricing psychology and round live rates to the nearest half dollar, dollar, 5 or 10 dollars.

  • Rate Overrides

Shipping can be used as an excellent marketing tool to increase conversions. Use rate overrides to maintain control over maximum shipping costs, free shipping or discounted shipping rules.

  • Shipping Origins

Assign unlimited origin addresses for your multiple warehouses and vendors for shipping accuracy.

  • Markdown Rates

Apply percentage or dollar-based discounts for shipping promotions.

  • Advanced Click & Collect

Incentivize local purchases and drive foot traffic by offering free in-store pickup for your local customers located within your city or a specified radius.

  • Product Data CSV

Have a large product mix and want to use our Smart Boxing algorithm. Export your products into a CSV file to quickly add dimensions to your products.

  • Markup Rates

The markup feature gives you a granular percentage or dollar-based control over your shipping costs to account for extra packaging, courier price increases, or other miscellaneous expenses.

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Find the Package That's Perfect for You


$ 29
99 Monthly
  • 600 Orders Included
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Unlimited Carriers
  • Advanced Rate Blending
  • SmartBoxing™ Algorithm
  • Help Center Access
  • Email Support
  • Onboarding Demo Support
  • Unlimited Trial in Test Mode


$ 49
99 Monthly
  • 2,000 Orders Included
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Unlimited Carriers
  • Advanced Rate Blending
  • SmartBoxing™ Algorithm
  • Help Center Access
  • Email Support
  • Onboarding Demo Support
  • Unlimited Trial in Test Mode


$ 99
99 Monthly
  • 8,000 Orders Included
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Unlimited Carriers
  • Advanced Rate Blending
  • SmartBoxing™ Algorithm
  • Help Center Access
  • Email Support
  • Onboarding Demo Support
  • Unlimited Trial in Test Mode

Commonly Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our dedicated Support team is here to help you regardless of what plan you’re on.

Yes! You can use Intuitive Shipping in a live setting for free for up to 14 days.

No! You can use Intuitive Shipping indefinitely – for FREE – as long as you’re in Testing Mode. Take as much time as you need to get your setups just right! To use Intuitive Shipping in a live setting, you will need to activate your account and begin your 15-day FREE trial.

You can upgrade your monthly pricing plan at any time. You can downgrade to a lower-tier plan at any time as long as your currently monthly orders have not exceeded the limit of the plan you wish to select.

Yes! If you’re not comfortable setting up Intuitive Shipping on your own, or you simply don’t have the time, let us do it! We offer a White Glove setup service starting at $99.99 USD. Please contact us for more information.

Pricing plans are based on the number of orders that are completed at checkout. An order is complete when the customer’s payment method has been accepted and Shopify has generated an order number. Test calculations and abandoned carts do not count against your orders.

Each Intuitive Shipping pricing plan includes a ‘cost per order’ for each order that exceeds your monthly limit, so there is no disruption to your Intuitive Shipping service. You can limit how much you are willing to pay in overage charges with the Billing Limit.

The Billing Limit is a Shopify requirement for all third-party apps. This is the maximum amount of overage charges you can be billed. It is separate from your regular monthly billing amount and you are only billed for the actual amount of overage charges accrued. We recommend setting a Billing Limit that is at least double your monthly pricing plan.

Shopify requires you to enable this feature whenever you’re using a third-party app to calculate shipping rates. If you’re on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher, this feature is already enabled. If you’re on the Basic or Shopify plans, you’ll need to contact Shopify to enable Carrier-Calculated Rates.

If you’re on the Basic or Shopify plans, you can add this feature to your plan for $20.00 USD per month. If you change your Shopify plan to annual billing, you’ll not only save 10%, you’ll also get Carrier-Calculated Rates at no extra cost.